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What is the gauge and coil count for the Serta Perfect Sleeper Farwell Firm mattress in a twin size?

asked Nov 05 '13
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Hi, sorry no one has been able to answer your question. You know, the big brands love to change the name of their mattress models from store to store, so unless someone is intimately familiar with that specific store's version of that mattress, its tough to definitely say. I can tell you that there are usually only a few variations of springs they will use, and on lesser price model mattresses you are usually looking at 14 to 16 gauge wire, in a "wire tied" configuration, which means they are all attached.

However, I want to let you know, if you didn't already, that coil count is an ineffective way to shop a mattress. Many consumer think coils start to sag in a mattress, and its actually rare for coils to sag. The layers of material above the coils will wear out long, long before you would have to worry about coils sagging. What you really want to know if foam density in the mattress and what types of fills are in the mattress. Again, its not uncommon for consumer to be unaware there are foams in the mattress.

Good luck!

answered Nov 12 '13
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