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I've tried the BeautyRest Recharge and found it too hot. The Stearns and Foster Chasity is too firm/latex. The BeautyRest Linden is too everything...

Memory foam is too hot and sinking in makes my back hurt. I don't like firm beds either.

Is the Simmons Beautyrest Classic Cassia Plush a good innerspring mattress for me?

asked Oct 30 '13
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Hi, No. A plush Beautyrest uses a thin gauge wire for the coils and they wear out quickly, Best solution is to start off with a firm mattress and add a 2" layer of soft latex for long lasting comfort that won't cause you to sleep hot.

answered Nov 01 '13
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Peter Cancelli ♦
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I'm going to agree with Peter from The Mattress Expert. You can always soften up a mattress by adding toppers but you cannot ever firm it up. I recommend a 2 or 3 inch fast response latex topper from LatexBLISS, ideally on a latex mattress by LatexBLISS but if that is not in your budget then get a firm tighttop mattress and add the appropriate topper that will alleviate pressure points for you. LatexBLISS uses ActiveFusion to draw heat away from the body so that you won't feel hot.

Hope this helps!

answered Nov 04 '13
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Debi Chewerda ♦
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That is one of those questions, that no one can really answer for you. A latex bed will sleep cooler than memory foam, & latex is available in different firmnesses. It's just a matter of finding one that is right for you.

One of the problems with some of the big S brands is some of them have merged into a larger company, and I think it was Stearns & Foster and Simmons... or was it Sealy that merged. In any event, it is possible that you are talking about the same bed with a different name tag. Don't limit yourself to the major brands. There are plenty of smaller manufacturers out there that make really good products that may work better for you than a major brand.

answered Nov 01 '13
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