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What type mattress is good for people suffering from osteoarthritis?

asked Oct 26 '13
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Let's try to get you some comfort and support! I've found that most arthritis sufferers feel the most relief from pressure points with memory foam or latex mattresses...we've often added a wool topper to a latex mattress to provide that relief, since latex tends to feel more firm. I'd suggest that you avoid a heavy-gauge coil mattress and dense, hard foams..not enough forgiveness. A lighter individually pocketed coil (depending on your size) with high quality foam or latex may give you enough comfort. When you do feel comfortable on a mattress, without a lot of pressure on hips and shoulders, you tend to toss and turn less and enjoy deeper sleep. I always recommend a wool topper for pressure point relief. The inherent properties of wool (natural insulation, long-lasting fiber) are a frequent solution for added comfort and relief from pressure points. Try to avoid really firm (hard) choices. A mattress that conforms while it supports should help. Try a mattress for at least 15 minutes to see if you feel pressure points.... You might also try an adjustable base in combination with a comfortable mattress. Articulating head and feet can offer tremendous relief from pressure points. Best of luck with your search

answered Oct 26 '13
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Nov 06 '13

Karen is spot-on, and as someone who has worked with her for years, I can attest she knows what she is talking about.

That said, I would go into the foam suggestion in a bit more detail. Some foam beds are made with 4-5lb density foam, which tends to be more temperature-sensitive. That means when your house is cooler, the foam is harder. This could be uncomfortable. You would want a foam that is soft all the time and not as sensitive to the ambient temps in your home. 3 lb foams are less dense and better technologies today ensure its durability, and it is my opinion that you would feel more pressure relief on these softer type of memory foams. Also, the reduced chemical off-gassing in some memory foams would be something you would want to consider, as a heavy off-gassing foam could exacerbate your condition.

answered Oct 28 '13
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While the previous answers are correct, I want to add my 2 cents. The most important thing an osteoarthritis sufferer needs is comfort. The second most important thing is proper support. While the foams on top will supply comfort, you need to look deeper in to the support system of the mattress. We like air technology because it adjusts to different people well, and adjusts on those people as they find their needs changing. Air is the longest lasting technology, and most, like the Comfortaire mattresses we sell, are modular designed, which means individual components can be upgraded if the need arises. Most technologies do not offer this adjustability, and while they are fine products, we would urge you to consider air. For the comfort materials on top, choose that which you feel most comfortable on. Our vendor, Comfortaire, has several options to choose from. And since they make Comfortaire beds with plant based foams, off gassing is minimal. Whatever your choice, make sure you are comfortable and supported well, in a good posture position, which will take stress off the affected joints.

Hope this helps....Sleep Well!

answered Oct 28 '13
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