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What is the difference between a Euro top and a pillow top?

asked Sep 14 '13
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alt textalt textThe main difference is in the tailoring of the mattress. A Eurotop has an affixed pillow top design, while the traditional pillow top or roll under pillow top is more loosely attached.

Typically, but not in every case, the Euro top is a bit firmer and resists sagging more than the pillow top. The pillow top tends to be a little softer and can sag over time. Find the best feeling mattress for you, which can be available in plush top, pillow top or euro top. Sample all styles available to you. Then if you need to make a decision on durability, opt for the euro top design if you find one that feels good to you. Please note that all thick top mattresses will settle over time and form a depression. This is why rotating the mattress is so crucial.

answered Sep 16 '13
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Dennis Reed ♦
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A euro top is a square pillowtop...sort of. A pillowtop has extra padding that on it's edge looks like a pillow. The top and bottom edges are sewn together. The Euro Top is still extra padding on the sleep surface but it has a square side. These can be attached straight to the mattress and just look like an extra welting sewn to the bed about an inch or two from the top, or they can be "un-attached" and look like a thin box layer attached to the mattress.

There are comfort reasons for the pillowtop and euro top (and even the euro pillow top) BUT it's mostly cosmetic. A way to show off a plusher mattress. In a way much like white wall tires. But that's just my opinion....

answered Sep 16 '13
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Also, most pillowtops are now called "Euro Pillowtops". There are relatively few Eurotops by comparison. Many salespeople have gotten into the habit of omitting one of the words for a Euro-Pillowtop, calling it either euro top or pillowtop. So, make sure of the semantics....that you aren't talking about the same thing.

answered Sep 16 '13
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Peter Cancelli ♦
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It is just how the mattress was sewn. Compare the thickness, and don't worry about the semantics. Euro pillow tops look like they are part of the mattress, as you can see in the picture above. Pillow tops, or duvet pillow tops, while attached to the mattress, give the appearance that they are a separate piece. Depending on the construction between the pillow top and the mattress, the duvet style might last longer.

Some might recommend a separate topper, and that is fine, just keep in mind that most are not as high a quality as some manufacturers use, and will need to be replaced before the mattress.

Air tech beds actually allow you to replace the foam if you need to or want to. Might want to consider those.

Sleep Well!

answered Oct 14 '13
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