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Hi, I'm trying to eliminate my squeaky metal frame that holds my new box springs and king mattress. I want to purchase a king size "foundation platform," then place the box springs on top of the foundation (understanding that the foundation is supposed to be in place of box springs). Would that work, or would the box spring slide off the foundation? Not sure it would given that I have a very heavy new King mattress, which would obviously go on top of the box springs. My significant other wants a higher bed and I don't want to buy new bedroom furniture.

asked Aug 27 '13
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I see what you're saying here. We've done that before but mostly to get some height. To keep them from slipping off each other try several "mending plates" (flat strap about 3" long with multiple holes) attached to the side of the foundation to keep the box springs from sliding off. However a platform bed may serve the same purpose just a little more expensive..You may try this trick: wherever your metal frame overlaps itself put a layer of duct tape between them. This has cured many a squeaky frame for us!

answered Aug 31 '13
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Aug 31 '13

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This should not be a problem. Our platform beds assemble in two heights, to be used with or without a boxspring.

answered Aug 27 '13
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I would make sure your mattress is designed to work with box springs. If it's not, then it may ruin your mattress. Many people don't know there is a difference between box springs and a foundation. A box spring has springs in it. A foundation is solid and works better with foam mattresses. A box spring will ruin a foam mattress.

answered Sep 02 '13
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Sep 02 '13

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