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When my full-sized memory foam mattress arrived at my door, it came in a small box. I now understand, after reading about how memory foam mattresses are packaged that it had been compressed. It saves the company a lot of money to ship them this way. However, I also read that good quality memory foam mattresses are never compressed before shipping. Does this mean my memory foam bed is not a good quality mattress?

asked Aug 22 '13
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Personally as a manufacturer I am not a fan of compressed foam matts. As a rule your better foams are not easily compressed, and as far as warranties giving you a piece of mind......Not in todays world, I have seen in the past 5-6 years or so companies using a warranty to sell product and in most cases the longer the warranty the cheaper the material (sad but true). Good luck and hope it works well...

answered Aug 22 '13
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Rick C from Deland, FL
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Memory foam consists of 61 chemicals...some, toxic...a couple, carcinogenic. Besides being a health risk, it performs poorly....losing its support in a very short period of time. It sleeps hot, gel or not, and loses its initial comfort with months...a very poor value. In short, there is no good quality memory foam, regardless of how it's packaged.

answered Aug 22 '13
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Peter Cancelli ♦
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No, not necessarily. The quality depends on the foams used. While it is true that some companies that compress use lower quality ingredients, there are some that do not compress that use low quality as well. The biggest problem with compressing foam is how long it is compressed. If it stays compressed too long, it may not come back to full size. Your bed should show a date of manufacture, as long as that occurred in the last several months, you are probably just fine.

Price is also sometimes indicative of the quality, perhaps more so than the shipping method. Lower quality generally costs less. Warranty length is also an indicator of quality. The goal of the manufacturer is to produce a mattress that will NOT have any warranty used (so the terms are important too).

Does your bed have a warranty? Do they stand behind it with a sleep trial? Did you lay on it in the store prior to purchase? If you answered yes to all these things, I would not worry.

Hope this helps! Sleep Well!

answered Aug 22 '13
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Tom Heller ♦
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