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We show a total of 6 available models in the TEMPUR-Contour line. Note that some TEMPUR-Contour models may not be available from a retailer in your area.

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Model Name Support Type Tags Reviews Comfort
Contour Allura PillowtopNoneFoam, Made in the USA, Memory Foam3.8
(10 ratings + 2 reviews)
Medium-Soft Pillow Top
Contour EliteFoamFoam, Made in the USA, Memory Foam2.74074074074
(27 ratings)
Contour Rhapsody LuxeFoamFoam, Made in the USA, Memory Foam2.26315789474
(19 ratings + 1 review)
Contour SupremeNoneFoam, Made in the USA, Memory Foam2.33333333333
(21 ratings + 1 review)
Contour RhapsodyFoamFoam, Memory Foam3.01587301587
(63 ratings + 3 reviews)
Contour Rhapsody BreezeFoamFoam, Made in the USA, Memory Foam2.77419354839
(31 ratings + 5 reviews)
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