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Our First Video Review — Spindle Abscond Mattress

One of the things mattress shoppers appreciate most about GoodBed is getting trusted, unbiased information. Recently, many people have begun asking us to do video “reviews” of mattresses, as a complement to the information already presented on our site.  While we have mixed emotions about this, which will be the subject of another post, we thought we would try one to see if we do it in a way that people found useful and that remained true to our values of providing unbiased and personalized guidance for mattress shoppers.

To that end, we have just posted our first video review — of the Spindle Abscond latex mattress, which is a unique product made with all natural latex and sold directly to consumers by the manufacturer.  Our thanks to Spindle for providing us with the mattress used for this review.

As we got into it, we found ourselves talking not only about this particular bed, but also about important general tips and things to consider when deciding which mattress is best for your unique personal preferences. The resulting video is long, but we didn’t want to cut out all of the general advice, so we left it in and provided links for you to easily jump to the different sections of the video.  In the future we may try doing more of these, and perhaps even do a few short videos addressing certain questions, topics, or tips.

Please take a look at it, and let us know what you think. We hope you find it helpful!

Time   Chapter
0:00  Introduction
0:45  Materials & Construction
4:43  Comfort Levels
5:14  Back Support & Pressure Relief
8:00  Temperature
9:14  Responsiveness
10:02  Cushioning Depth
10:46  Motion Isolation
12:02  Repositioning
12:40  Edge Support
13:54  Natural Materials
15:44  Adjustable Comfort
17:38  Price & Affordability
18:16  Return Policy
18:48  Final Thoughts

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