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Sex. There, I said it.

Editor’s note: This guest post is written by Mark Quinn, VP at Leggett & Platt, the leading producer of coil springs for mattresses. You can read more from Mark on his blog.

I think it’s time we had a little talk about sex — and believe it or not, I am betting that nobody has ever told you what I am going to tell you…

It’s 3:12 a.m. You are up for the third time because you are tossing and turning and can’t get comfortable. As you come out of your sleep-induced haze, the pain in your back becomes apparent and you realize you need a new mattress.

The next day you go to the local sleep shop ready to find a solution to that which is ailing you. As you are perusing the sea of white rectangles you think to yourself, “I need to find something more comfortable,” but do you ever stop to consider how good the sex is going to be on top of it?

Consider the recent article written by Barron’s that highlights the complaints of many Americans as it relates to poor performance in the bedroom. I don’t mean the performance of your partner — I am talking about the performance of your mattress. With the growing popularity of memory foam beds, people are coming to realize that it might have felt good in the store but they never gave any consideration to how it would perform during the more intimate moments. One person said, “Its like trying to do it in quicksand.” It got so bad for another couple they ended up on the floor because their mattress just wasn’t getting it done.

Are spring beds better for sex? Dr. Caleb Browning, a Physicist with Leggett & Platt says that “innerspring beds return energy versus a foam surface that absorbs energy. So what that means is that you can get more motion on an innerspring bed with less effort.” Pause on that thought for a moment. Dr. Browning is saying that innerspring beds have a more playful bounce, returning energy when you want it so that you don’t have to work as hard to get the same results? That is the biggest no-brainer of the century — SIGN ME UP!

Whether that makes sense to you or not, think about sex when you buy that new mattress because it is an important issue. Dr. Rubin Naiman — a clinical psychologist based in Tucson, Arizona, and leader in the emerging field of integrative sleep and dream medicine — knows all about the subject of sleep and sex. “We know that lovemaking carries us into a relaxed state that can help with sleep onset. I often remind people that evening sex is a great, natural sedative. So, there’s an important circular connection between sex and sleep: Sleeping together can make for better sleep and, of course, better sleep can make for better sleeping together.” Did you get that? Sex and sleep go hand in hand.

So, don’t simply settle for a mattress that feels good when you are lying on it in the showroom. Make sure you consider what is going to happen when things start to heat up. Your mattress should be great for your SLEEP and SEX, so maybe a hybrid makes sense for you. Watch this funny music video we made with Second City Communications out of Chicago, all about how the combination of springs and memory foam create the best of both worlds — providing just the right amount of comfort and “bounce per ounce” in the bedroom (if you know what I mean). Enjoy the video, and most of all, enjoy your new bed in every way you can.

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Mark Quinn is a Segment VP of Marketing with Leggett & Platt with more than two decades of experience in the mattress industry. Quinn writes a bedding industry and marketing blog called Q's Views. You can also find him on Twitter.

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