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Mattress companies can now claim their profile on GoodBed!

We are pleased to announce a very exciting new feature on GoodBed, which is the ability for mattress manufacturers and retailers to “claim” their profiles on This feature is designed to allow mattress companies to use GoodBed as a highly targeted and effective social media channel, through which they can attract, assist and engage active mattress shoppers.  Whether you are a manufacturer, retailer or store manager, claiming your profile has many benefits, takes only a few minutes, and is completely FREE.

Some of you that are more familiar with the site may be aware that we actually began offering this service on a trial basis a few weeks ago. Over this time, we have already seen a number of businesses claim their GoodBed profiles. These early users have enabled us to continue to test and improve this functionality, so we are now encouraging more users to take advantage of it. We look forward to keeping you posted as we build upon this important new feature in the coming weeks and months.


What does it mean to claim my profile?
Claiming your profile is our way of letting you engage directly with mattress shoppers on GoodBed.  This engagement could be to answer questions, respond to reviews, provide additional information about your stores and products, offer special promotions, or otherwise.  Most of these things can be done at no cost to your business, and all of them start with claiming your profile.

What is a GoodBed profile?!?
Some of you that are newer to GoodBed may be wondering — what is a GoodBed “profile”? Profiles are the pages of our site that relate to a specific product or store. Some profile pages cover an entire mattress brand or a multi-store mattress retailer. Others relate only to a specific store location or product model. Profile pages are created automatically (and at no cost) each time we become aware of a new product or store that is not yet featured on the site.

Does my business already have a GoodBed profile?
As the most comprehensive information resource for mattress shoppers, GoodBed aims to feature information on all mattress brands and retailers. As such, we have profiles on over 1,000 different mattress brands and over 20,000 retailers and store locations. So, if your company makes or sells mattresses, chances are very good that you already have a GoodBed profile, and perhaps even multiple profile pages relating to your products or stores. And for those businesses that our editors have missed so far, we will soon be releasing tools to enable you to add your business to GoodBed directly (and of course, to claim your profile at the same time).

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