May 14, 2013 | Comments (0)

Introducing SmartMatch Mattress Finder

Earlier in the year, we announced our plans and priorities for 2013.  In this post, we described our plans for a new and improved user interface (known internally here as “GoodBed 2.0”), in which we will begin offering mattress shoppers a more personalized guide through the process of deciding what and where to buy.

As a critical first piece of GoodBed 2.0, we have recently released our SmartMatch Mattress Finder.  SmartMatch helps consumers find mattresses that are known to be available at nearby stores, and that are a good match for that consumer’s personal needs and preferences.

Ultimately, we expect that many consumers will use the SmartMatch Mattress Finder as a starting point for their mattress search.  After answering a few questions about their personal mattress criteria, the Mattress Finder helps consumers discover models and brands that may be a good fit for them.  From there, they are encouraged to begin “saving” the beds that look good to them.  As products are added to their Saved List, we show them what store(s) they should visit in order to go try their Saved Beds in person!

Once they’re ready to head to the stores, they can take their Saved List with them on their phone, through the GoodBed mobile website.  Built like an ‘app’, GoodBed Mobile shows consumers how to evaluate beds the right way while they’re in the store.  As they lay on each bed, the app walks them through the simple questions they need to answer to determine how well that bed fits their personal needs and preferences.  The app then keeps track of exactly which beds they like best, so they can make a more confident decision after trying a number of different models.  Consumers that are less comfortable with smartphones will be able to experience a similar process by simply printing a list of the beds they want to try in a given store, which they can hand to the salesperson and/or use for taking notes during their “test rest.”

For consumers, the Mattress Finder enables us to deliver highly personalized information, which is especially critical in the mattress category, since every person’s mattress needs are unique.  For participating manufacturers and retailers, the Mattress Finder will provide a powerful way to drive increased visibility and interest amongst active mattress shoppers.

If you have any questions about SmartMatch, please don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below.  We look forward to your feedback!

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