November 13, 2012 | Comments (1)

GoodBed 101 is here!

Here at GoodBed, our #1 focus is on building a great product.  For us, this means both a truly world-class independent guide for mattress shoppers, and an unparalleled marketing platform for mattress companies.  While we’ve always felt there is good reason to make product our top priority, we also realize that sometimes, our constant focus on making the product better causes us to fall short on helping our users take full advantage of the existing site!  This is why we are so pleased to announce the release of GoodBed 101

A little background

Over the past 12+ months, we’ve released a steady stream of immensely powerful marketing tools for mattress companies — many of which we make available at no cost whatsoever.  It all started with the ability to claim your profile, which we first announced a little over a year ago.  From there, we started piling on the goodness — we gave business owners 24/7 access to update their profile information, add promotions, respond to reviews, receive real-time email notifications, find out how many people are visiting their GoodBed profile, and much more.

All of the above-mentioned tools are completely free, and are super-easy to use — and yet, we’ve come to realize that many manufacturers and retailers didn’t even know about them!  This even includes many of the hundreds of mattress companies that have already claimed their profiles!  Upon realizing this, the magnitude of this lost opportunity to connect with mattress shoppers was simply too much for us to take…

What have mattress companies been missing out on?

As just one example, let’s take the ability to list promotions.  If you own a mattress business and you ran a promotion this Veteran’s Day, think what a shame it is that NONE of the many people that came to GoodBed before deciding what and where to buy saw your promotion listed on the site (PS: we’ll have between 100,000 and 150,000 mattress shoppers on the site this month…!).

Worse yet, you may have even paid your local newspaper or TV station to advertise this promotion — only to have most people skip past the ad with their DVR or recycle the newspaper without seeing your ad.  And meanwhile, you didn’t even list the promotion for free in the #1 place that consumers research their mattress purchase online!!

If the thought of this missed opportunity is making your stomach turn, it should!  But don’t blame yourself, because we are taking full responsibility for not making this more clear to you before!

What is GoodBed 101?

GoodBed 101 is a collection of tips designed to help you get the most out of your GoodBed profile.  To access these tips, you first need to claim your profile (which takes about 3 minutes, and once again is totally free…).  Once you claim your profile, you can access the GoodBed 101 tips here anytime.  And we’ll deliver them directly to your email inbox — one email per week for ten weeks.

Best of all, each tip is something you can do in 5 minutes or less.  We know how hard it is to find time for things, and how easy it is to procrastinate.  But we also know that for most of us, if we can accomplish a worthwhile task in 5 minutes or less, we’ll do it!  GoodBed 101 will walk you through the lowest-hanging fruit with a clear explanation of how to take each action and how it will help.

The real fun of GoodBed is using the site to get more business!  GoodBed 101 will get you on your way.

Key take-away

Over the coming months, we’ll be releasing some major changes to the site that will go much further toward connecting local mattress shoppers with specific stores and products in their area.  Through GoodBed 101, we’ll make sure that companies that have claimed their profile are informed of these changes and know exactly how to take advantage of them!  If you haven’t already claimed your profile, make sure to do so right away so you don’t miss out!

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