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Episode 1 of GoodBed TV — Comfortaire!

Earlier this week, we announced a new feature on Best Bed Guide — a video series called GoodBed TV.

In this first segment of GoodBed TV, we traveled to High Point, NC to speak with Eric Rose, VP of Operations for Comfortaire, a leading manufacturer of air beds. Eric does a great job walking us through the design of their product line, and showed us some very cool features along the way — such as the ability to swap in fancy new comfort layers over time, as well as the ability for each side of the bed to be customized in terms of firmness, sleep position, and even temperature! Not least of all, in outlining Comfortaire’s efforts to build a better mattress, he also provides some really helpful explanation regarding what your mattress needs to do to deliver proper spinal alignment while you sleep.

GoodBed TV is a video series designed to provide consumers with useful information to help them with their upcoming purchase of sleep-related products. If you are a mattress manufacturer or retailer and think your products would be a good fit for
GoodBed TV, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us

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