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Better Sleep: How a Good Mattress Can Improve Your Health

Research now shows that getting deep, restorative sleep on a comfortable, supportive mattress may be one of the most beneficial things people can do for their overall health, wealth and well being. It helps us wake up each day physically, intellectually and emotionally renewed. In this improved state we are more efficient, productive and better equipped to relate and interact with our family and others.

A Cumulative Effect

Every month, the average person spends 10 days sleeping on a mattress. We all understand that daily vitamins, exercise, and healthy meal choices all have a cumulative beneficial effect over time. The positive effects of sleep over time may have even more dramatic effects on our health and appearance.

It’s especially important for children to sleep on quality mattresses as they grow and develop.

So why are people wary of buying a new mattress?

It’s just human nature. We buy things we want for how we imagine they will make us feel. The items we want offer us an emotional payback and the hope for happiness. But, we tend to take products that we need and depend upon every day for granted. We buy those items for the function they perform using our intellect and logic to discern value.

Because mattresses seem similar, it’s not always easy to establish their value.

Real Value

The real value of a mattress is how it can make us feel. A quality mattress offers a direct path to a deep down foundation of happiness and a sense of well being. If you haven’t tried a new mattress recently, you will be amazed with the plush comfort and the luxurious covers. Go see for yourself.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you shop.

    • Don’t scrimp. Like anything else, you get what you pay for. The better the mattress the more likely you will get extra minutes of deep uninterrupted sleep per night. They are one of the most important investments you can make.
    • Buy from a reputable store. Reputable stores know how to match you with the right product. Caring associates begin by asking you questions that will help them understand and meet your personal sleep needs and have the genuine motive of helping improve your quality of life.
    • Test drive. Just as you would test drive a car, take plenty of time to really get the feel of the mattresses by using a comfortable pillow, lie in the position you normally wake up in and let your imagination kick in. Get a glimpse of what life could be if you could escape from life’s daily stress to a cloud in the bedroom every night.
    • Consider your experience and expectation. As you try different models, find one most similar to your current model and then see if you like other comfort choices better. If you slept well on your current style for a number of years then consider staying with a similar feel. If you like the thicker, softer models, keep in mind that you sleep in, rather than on them, as you would with a more traditional, firmer model. Do expect the thicker, softer ones to show indentations because they are designed to conform to you.
    • Allow at least 30 days to adjust to a new mattress. Even longer if you are changing comfort levels from your previous mattress. It takes our bodies a while to adjust to a new sleeping surface.
    •  Protect Your Investment. 
      • Mattress Protector: The new generation of “pads” are breathable and moisture proof and will keep your mattress dry, fresh, odor free and sanitary for years.
      • Heavy Duty Frame: Inadequate frames can actually cause damage to your mattress set and possibly void the warranty
    • Maximize your enjoyment by including these important accessories and services with your purchase.
      • New Pillows: Pillows should be replaced every couple of years.
      • Sheets and Comforters: New high thread-count sheets have the feel of silk and are more durable than ever.  Also look for new breathable temperature-regulating fibers.


A top quality, comfortable and supportive mattress may be one of the best consumer products you can buy for your health and happiness.

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