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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GoodBed?

GoodBed is an independent mattress information resource and marketplace.  We believe it should be easier to find the right bed at a fair price from a trustworthy store.  So, we have compiled an enormous amount of information about mattresses, collected unbiased ratings from tens of thousands of consumers, and opened a transparent marketplace where the most trusted bedding retailers and manufacturers can sell their products.  The result is a better way to buy a mattress: a way for you to discover beds that match your personal needs, compare them based on unbiased reviews from other consumers, and buy from the best seller at a fair price -- all in one place.

In buying through GoodBed, not only will you feel confident that you are getting a good price from a trustworthy store, you will also be doing a small part to bring greater transparency to the mattress industry.  In the end, greater transparency favors good companies, as it helps them to finally get credit for the good things they do.  And it helps you find the companies that you want to reward with your business.  Here's to a better world!

How does ordering through GoodBed work?

Placing an order through GoodBed is similar to buying on any other marketplace -- such as Amazon, eBay, Kayak, or the like.  We help mattress shoppers find the right bed at a fair price from a trustworthy source, and then accept their order on behalf of the chosen seller.   After the order is placed, GoodBed can also be an additional advocate should any issues arise during the fulfillment process, as we are in the business of making the mattress buying process painless and pleasant.

What happens after I place my order?

You will get an Order Confirmation email within minutes of placing your order, after which we will send the details of your order to the seller to review your delivery and purchase requirements. You may receive a phone call from them if there are any questions about your order. Your card will not be charged until the seller confirms that they can meet your requirements and accepts the order. As a final step, the seller's dispatch will contact you to schedule the exact delivery or pick-up details.

When will my card be charged?

Although we ask for your payment information when you place your order, your card will not be charged until we get the seller's approval of the delivery and purchase details you requested. After they accept the order, your card will be charged and you'll receive a Receipt and a Fulfillment Confirmation email containing all the order and seller details.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you may cancel your order any time until it has been shipped. Your purchase will be immediately refunded with no questions asked. If you are concerned about the ability to cancel your order prior to receiving it, we suggest you consult with the seller directly for more specifics, as shipping lead times may vary by product and by seller.

What is the return policy?

Return and/or exchange policies vary by seller and are published on GoodBed directly. We aim to publish these policies in a clear and consistent way so that they can be compared across sellers and can be easily understood prior to making your purchase decision.

How will I know what time my mattress will be delivered on the delivery date?

You will be contacted by the seller's delivery agent to arrange the exact delivery or pick-up details, typically no later than 1-2 business days before your chosen delivery or pick-up date.  In contacting you, they will use the email and/or phone number you provide with your order.  We recommend that you enter your cell phone number so that you can be reached directly with your delivery time.

What if there is a problem with my order?

If any problems arise, we will contact you via the email and phone number you provided. Your card will NOT be charged until the problem is resolved. You may also contact us any time by email or phone.

How does GoodBed help me get a great deal?

Stores that work with GoodBed offer our users special coupons and low prices because they want to reach customers that might not otherwise come their way.  In addition, when stores pay GoodBed a commission, we share that commission back with you -- on top of whatever discounts you get from the store.  This way, you get a better deal than you could anywhere else, including buying from the store directly.

Our experts are also privy to inside information on products and prices that helps us know what to look for, such as the ability to look at past prices to be sure you're actually getting a great deal (no matter what the "sale" sign says), the ability to identify equivalent models with different names, and the ability to create value-added bundles of products.

Finally, GoodBed provides sellers with a more cost-efficient channel for attracting new customers.  The commission they pay to GoodBed is less than what they would normally have to pay for expensive advertising on TV, newspapers, or the like.  And sales that come through GoodBed often generate reviews for the seller and its products, which in turn leads to more sales.  These cost efficiencies provide them with savings that they can pass on to GoodBed's users.

How does GoodBed make money?

In order to provide this service to consumers, GoodBed charges sellers a small commission on products sold through the marketplace, which does not in any way affect the price you pay. The commission paid to GoodBed is significantly less than percentage of revenue that mattress stores otherwise spend on advertising via TV, radio, print, and the like.  This allows sellers on GoodBed to offer products at a lower price than sellers that rely solely on expensive traditional advertising.  In addition, we share our commission back with you, so you get an even better deal than you could otherwise.

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