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Best Labor Day Mattress Sales
Our Top Picks for Discounts and Coupons

Last updated on June 22, 2022

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Most Labor Day mattress sales are still active for at least a week after the holiday itself.

Labor Day is one of the best times to save money on a mattress purchase – but on any given holiday, some retailers offer much better deals than others. To help you learn which brands are truly offering the most special discounts right now, we've broken down all the online mattress sales and discounts for Labor Day 2021 and compared each one to the best sales we've ever seen from that brand. The deals ranked highest on the list below are the deepest discounts we've seen from those brands. Happy hunting!



What are the best Labor Day mattress sales in 2021?

Shopping Locally: If you'd prefer to shop at a local store or try your mattress before buying it, make sure to check whether there is a GoodBed Trusted Retailer in your area. We've hand-picked these stores for their great service and prices. And perhaps best of all, we'll give you an extra $50 Cash Back (free!) if you shop at any of these stores. This Cash Back comes from us – so is on top of any and all Labor Day discounts and/or sale prices that you get from the store – and is a deal you can't get anywhere else. All you need to do is get a Cash Back Code from before making your purchase, which you will then use to redeem this offer after your purchase.

Shopping Online: For shopping the online mattress brands, scroll down for a curated a list of the best deals we're seeing over the Labor Day holiday of 2021. We've been tracking the mattress category longer than anyone, so unlike any other list, ours is sorted based on how good each deal is relative to the best deals we've ever seen from each brand. Of course, this list is only a fraction of the mattress deals available right now, so if you're looking for the best available deal on a brand that isn't shown here, click here to see the full list of all the online mattress deals available right now. If you've taken the GoodBed Quiz, that list will even be sorted in order of the best matches for you personally.


Labor Day 2021 is the BEST time to shop these mattress brands:

These deals are better than anything we've seen from these brands during the past year (and in most cases, ever).


(Puffy review; Puffy Lux review)
  • What: Get $300 OFF + free pillows, mattress protector and sheets with purchase of any size Puffy, Puffy Lux, or Puffy Royal mattress.
  • Why: This equals the biggest dollars-off discount that Puffy offers, and the free accessories puts it over the top.


(Bear review; Bear Hybrid review)

  • What: Get 25% OFF site-wide + 2 FREE Cloud pillows with purchase of any mattress from Bear.
  • Why: This is the highest percentage-off deal we have seen from Bear.


(Awara review)
  • What: Get $400 OFF any size Awara mattress + FREE sheets, mattress protector, and pillows +Awara will plant 10 trees for every mattress purchased.
  • Why: This is the best deal we have ever seen from Awara, and the free accessories and tree planting really puts it over the top.


(BedInABox overview)

  • What: Get 20% OFF any mattress from BedInABox (except the Essential).
  • Why: This matches the biggest discount we've ever seen from BedInABox.


(DreamCloud Premier review)
  • What: Get $200 OFF + 2 FREE pillows + a mattress protector + sheets with purchase of any size DreamCloud mattress.
  • Why: Although we've seen this one from DreamCloud before, it's still uncommon and is their best discount.


(iComfort overview; iComfort Hybrid overview)

  • What: Get $200 OFF the iComfort CF1000 and CF1000 Hybrid.
  • Why: This is a great deal if you're interested in the CF1000 specifically. Other iComfort models are out of stock due to shortages.


  • What: Get $1,200 OFF + FREE Luxury Sheet Set with the purchase of any size PlushBed. Plus, get 25% OFF all toppers and bedding.
  • Why: PlushBeds saves its big discounts for the biggest holidays, and this deal is the best one we've seen from them.


(GhostBed review; GhostBed Luxe review)

  • What: Get 30% OFF any GhostBed mattress + 40% OFF all GhostBed Bundles.
  • Why: This is the best deal we've ever seen from GhostBed.


Labor Day 2021 is a GREAT time to shop these mattress brands:

These deals are on par with the biggest discounts we've seen from these brands during the past year.


(Adapt overview; ProAdapt overview; LuxeAdapt overview; Breeze overview)
  • What: Get $500 OFF any size ProBreeze or LuxeBreeze + $200 OFF any size Adapt, ProAdapt or LuxeAdapt mattress + $200 OFF Ergo Extend or Smart Base + $100 OFF Extend power bases.
  • Why: This is right up there with the best deals we've seen Tempur-Pedic offer on these products.

Brooklyn Bedding

(Signature review; Aurora review; Plank review; Titan review; EcoSleep review)

  • What: Get 25% OFF any online order (sitewide) from Brooklyn Bedding.
  • Why: This is the usual major holiday deal from Brooklyn, but it's always a good one.

Idle Sleep

  • What: Get 50% OFF all foam mattresses + 30% OFF all hybrid mattresses from Idle Sleep.
  • Why: This is a fantastic sale, the best discount we've seen from this brand.


(Allswell review)
  • What: Get 15% OFF mattresses + 25% OFF all everything else.
  • Why: This deal exceeds Allswell's usual holiday discounts.


(Leesa review; Leesa Hybrid review)

  • What: Get $250-$500 OFF Legend + $150-$400 OFF Hybrid + $100-$200 OFF Original + $100-$150 OFF Studio (amount of discount depends on size).
  • Why: This matches other holiday deals we've seen from Leesa.


(Saatva review; Saatva HD review; Saatva Solaire review)
  • What: Get $200 OFF any purchase over $925.
  • Why: Saatva has featured this discount at other major holidays this year, but it's still the best deal they've offered.


(Nectar review; Lush review)
  • What: Get a FREE Mattress Protector ($99 value) + 2 FREE Premium Pillows ($150 value) + FREE Sheet Set ($150 value) with purchase of any size Nectar mattress.
  • Why: This brand doesn't do many dollars-off discounts, but the free accessories are a great bonus if you need them.


(WinkBed review; WinkBed Plus review)
  • What: Get $300 OFF any WinkBeds mattress + FREE sheets, pillows, and mattress protector.
  • Why: This is WinkBeds' usual holiday discount, but the freebie accessories are new for this holiday.


(Avocado review)

  • What: Get $150 OFF Avocado Green and Avocado Laxex mattresses (code: LABORDAY) + $250 OFF Avocado Luxury Plush (code: LUXE250) + $150- $300 OFF select bed frames (no including Eco Adjustable Bed Frame)
  • Why: This matches up favorably with Avocado's best deals.

Nest Bedding

(Alexander Hybrid review; Latex Hybrid review; Alexander Signature review; Love & Sleep review)
  • What: Get $100 to $300 OFF mattresses, depending on model and size.
  • Why: This is a solid deal that saves you some cash on even the least expensive Nest models.

Brentwood Home

(Oceano review; Cedar review)
  • What: Get $200 OFF any size Hybrid Latex, Cedar or Crystal Cove mattress (use code: LABORDAY) + $300 OFF any size Oceano mattress (use code: SLEEPIN) + 10% OFF any Cypress mattress (no code needed). 
  • Why: This is a great lineup of deals from this brand.


(Purple review; Purple Hybrid review)
  • What: Get $150 OFF Purple Hybrid Premier, $125 OFF Purple Hybrid or $100 OFF original Purple or Purple Plus mattress in queen size or larger (smaller discounts on twin and full sizes).
  • Why: This is among the biggest discounts we've ever seen from Purple.


(Original 10" review; Signature 12" review)

  • What: Get $700 OFF the Evolution 15" + $250-$300 OFF Signature 12" + $150-$250 OFF Original 10" mattresses (depending on size) plus 2 FREE pillows with mattress purchase.
  • Why: This matches up with Nolah's best holiday sales.

Loom & Leaf

(Loom & Leaf review)

  • What: Get $200 OFF with any Loom & Leaf purchase of $925 or more.
  • Why: As part of the Saatva family of brands, this is Loom & Leaf's biggest discount.


(Layla review)
  • What: Get $200 OFF any size Layla Hybrid + $150 OFF any size Layla Memory Foam + 2 FREE memory foam pillows ($150 extra value) w/ purchase of any mattress.
  • Why: While Layla has made this discount available on previous major holidays this year, it's still a great deal that equals their best ever.


(Black overview; Harmony Lux overview; Hybrid overview)

  • What: Get $300 OFF Beautyrest Black (with cooling or comfort upgrades) + $200 OFF Original Black and Harmony Lux + $100 OFF Harmony Lux Carbon and Hybrid.
  • Why: This deal matches Beautyrest's best major holiday sales from the rest of the year.

Latex For Less

  • What: Get $175 OFF any size mattress from Latex for Less.
  • Why: This lines up with the best deals offered by Latex for Less at other major holidays.


(Zenhaven review)

  • What: Get $200 OFF with purchase of any size Zenhaven mattress.
  • Why: This equals the best we've ever seen offered for these mattresses.


(Helix Plus review)
  • What: Get $200 OFF for orders of $1,750 and up (use code: LDAY200), $150 OFF for orders of $1,250 and up (use code: LDAY150), or $100 OFF any mattress order (use code: LDAY100). On top of this, get 2 FREE Dream Pillows with any mattress purchase.
  • Why: Helix saves this deal for their biggest promotional periods of the year.

Eco Terra

  • What: Get $175 OFF any size Eco Terra mattress.
  • Why: This matches Eco Terra's best holiday sales.


Labor Day 2021 is a GOOD time to shop these mattress brands:

These deals are on par with the discounts that these brands offer throughout most or all of the year. In other words, they're not as rare as the deals listed above, but still as good as you can get for these brands.


(Casper review; Wave review; Element review)

  • What: Get 15% OFF Casper Wave and Wave Hybrid mattresses.
  • Why: This is a solid deal but there's no discount on their most popular Original mattress.

Cocoon by Sealy

(Cocoon review)
  • What: Get 35% OFF any Chill mattress.
  • Why: This deal pops up periodically for Cocoon.


  • What: Get $200 OFF any size Amore mattress + 2 FREE pillows ($60 value each) + FREE copper fabric upgrade ($100 value).
  • Why: We've seen this deal from Amore before, but it is their best discount.


(Aviya review)
  • What: Get $200 OFF any size Aviya mattress.
  • Why: This is Aviya's usual holiday sale.


  • What: Get 30% OFF with purchase of any Amerisleep mattress + 2 FREE pillows ($130 value) w/ any Queen/King mattress or 1 FREE pillow w/ any Twin/Full mattress.
  • Why: This deal is on par with the best discounts that Amerisleep offers.


(Novosbed review)
  • What: Get $100 OFF any size Novosbed mattress.
  • Why: The best discount Novosbed offers, and exclusive for GoodBed readers.


Labor Day 2021 is an OKAY time to shop these mattress brands:

These deals aren't as good as other discounts we've seen from these brands during the past year, but they'll still save you some money.

Eight Sleep

(Eight Pod review)

  • What: Get $100 OFF any size Pod or Pod Pro mattress.
  • Why: This isn't the best holiday deal we've seen from Eight Sleep.

Tuft & Needle

(T&N review; Mint review; Hybrid review)

  • What: Get 15% OFF Mint and Hybrid mattresses + 10% OFF the T&N Original.
  • Why: This is better than most discounts from Tuft & Needle.


Is Labor Day the best time to buy a mattress?

For a surprisingly large number of Americans, Labor Day weekend has become THE time to buy a new bed.

GoodBed's data for the past 10 years shows that of all the mattress shopping holidays, Labor Day is consistently the highest velocity mattress-buying period of the year, with the 18-day sale period equating to roughly 10% of all annual mattress purchases.  Of this, about 30% of these purchases will take place over the 3 days of the holiday weekend itself. This amounts to over 100,000 mattresses per day over the full 18 days, with a peak activity level of over 200,000 mattresses per day during the 3 days of the actual holiday weekend.

Of course, the reasons for Labor Day's mattress dominance are partially driven by people moving into new homes at this time of year to coincide with the start of schools or new jobs. Mattress retailers amplify these trends by advertising some of their biggest discounts during this period. Note, however, that there are discounts and promotions happening throughout the year, and it will really vary by retailer as to when you're most likely to see their best deals. No matter what time of year you're shopping, you can always visit our full list of the best online mattress deals that are available for each brand right now.


How to Shop the Labor Day Mattress Sales

To quickly narrow the field down to the options that will best meet your unique needs, start by taking our personalized Mattress Match Quiz. We start by asking about your physical characteristics, preferred sleeping positions, and health needs, then move to your comfort and feature preferences. Why? Because no mattress is a good mattress for everyone. For example, a mattress that’s awesome for a 225-pound stomach sleeper will often result in pain and discomfort for a 150-pound side sleeper, and vice versa. This 3-minute quiz is the best way to shop across brands and stores to hone in on the products that merit further research for you. From there, check out our in-depth editorial coverage of those products to determine which ones are really the best for you. Once you've narrowed down to a personal mattress short-list, then you can shop for the best available deal right now, or use guides like this to gauge whether it might make more sense to come back here some time in the next couple months to complete your purchase.

One of the biggest mistakes shoppers make when trying to save money is to buy a bed because it’s on sale, only to discover later that it doesn’t suit their personal needs and preferences – this is probably the most common way to waste money when buying a mattress. So, before hitting the stores or poking around the online sales, you’ll save time and frustration by arming yourself with a short list of mattress brands and models that are going to fit your personal support needs, comfort preferences, and features priorities. Out of the many hundreds on the market, only a handful are going to stand above the rest in terms of how well they do that...


How to Save Money While Supporting GoodBed

Using the links and/or discounts on this site is the best way to both save yourself money and support the independent mattress information that GoodBed provides for consumers (at no cost to you). We think of this as your way to 'vote' for the information that you found helpful in making your purchase. So if you decide to purchase online, and found GoodBed's unbiased information and mattress matching expertise to be helpful in making your choice, we hope you'll consider coming back to when you're ready to buy to ensure that your last click to the retailer's website is through one of the links on this site.  And if you decide to purchase from a GoodBed Trusted Retailer, please remember to come back here afterward to claim your $50 Cash Back reward.

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