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Surface Integrity

Develops body impressions. Sleeping surface gets lumpy or uneven over time.

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Reviews Natura

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Recent Complaints Natura

“So Frustrated”

  • Comfort: Way too soft
  • Support: Poor
  • Durability: Way worse
  • Pressure relief: Poor
  • Temperature: Too hot

Allergen Resistance


Surface Integrity
Temperature Control
Warranty Claims

My husband and I purchased this mattress from a local mattress store where the salesman just couldn't rave about it enough. The first omen happened when the mattress was not delivered to us in a timely fashion causing a great deal of inconvenience. We finally agreed to take possession of it six months later. BAD OMEN. But I digress. I have some back issues and needed a mattress with great support, and the salesman was well aware of this fact. However even the first night was uncomfortable. We called the store where my husband was told,"oh, you need to sleep on it for awhile before you get it settled in". Well. "Settled in" means big, deep dips on both sides with a ridge down the middle. How does that happen when we usually "spoon" together in the middle of the bed??? I get restless leg symptoms so bad that I have to get up and either walk around the house, or if that doesn't work, I finally end up on the sofa. My husband sweats so bad, his pajama's are literally soaking wet. I also had told the salesman that I have menopausal related hot flashes and needed a cool mattress. Again, he insisted this was the best choice. My husband was blaming me for his night sweats! After reading the other reviews, at least I know now that I am NOT the culprit here! I honestly dread calling the store because I know I'll get no restitution. The warranty cleverly gives them a loop hole not to stand behind their product. We've been sleeping, or should I say TRYING to sleep on this piece of crap for almost a year now. I weigh 115 and my husband weighs 170. We are not large people here!!! Natura needs to do the right thing here and refund hard earned money to what looks like many unsatisfied customers.

“It's like sleeping on a ski slope”

  • Comfort: Slightly too hard
  • Support: Good
  • Durability: Way worse
  • Pressure relief: Good
  • Temperature: Just right

Natural Materials


Center Support
Firm Comfort
Surface Integrity
Warranty Claims

I have never had such buyer's remorse about a product I spent so much money on. I did thorough research before buying this mattress and at the time, did not see any negative reviews. Latex mattresses were highly recommended by multiple sources. We have owned this mattress for only 10 months and it's the lumpiest mess I've ever slept on. Within a couple months, it developed deep body impressions on both the soft and the firm sides (it's a dual firm/soft) and a huge hard lump in the middle. If you want to cuddle or have sex, be prepared to ski down a slope to find your partner. You'd think we weighed 400 pounds, but in fact, we are quite a small couple. It is especially lumpy on the firm side because of the way it's constructed to connect the two sides of firmness. Over time, it has definitely gotten worse. When I called regarding the warranty, we encountered the same run-around the other reviewers have described, where there has to be 1 and 1/2 inches of impressions. We were told by the retailer that this is normal wear and tear. How is a lumpy mess normal? My husband, especially, is uncomfortable and experiencing pain from sleeping on this bed. Buyers beware! I would not recommend this mattress under any circumstances.


  • Comfort
  • Support
  • Durability
  • Value
It has some Latex in it, deep down somewhere...
Arrived with body impressions already present!

We ordered the king size Tranquil and upon delivery, when we took it out of the box, it appeared to be raised in the middle and had slight dips on the two sides. I convinced myself this had to be the result of shipping upright in the box. But on our first night's sleep, it was noticeably softer on the sides and had a firmer raised ridge down the center. When I lay on it, if I move toward center, it feels like I am on a slant. We had an old Simmons that finally developed body impressions, but it took about 7 years for it to do so. This mattress seemed to be delivered with them! I can't believe it came to us already this way and am convinced it was a showroom model or something (although I have been told by a company rep this would not be the case.) We tried to return it under the warranty in which photos have to be taken to show it has at least a 1 1/2 indentation. Ours is close to this, but what makes me mad is that when there is no body weight on it, it isn't going to look as bad as it feels. It is like a hammock to sleep in and not supportive and I am getting back pain after sleeping on it. The company rep also told me, they do get frequent customer calls regarding the ‘appearance of the mattress’ and said the top wool padding would compress where you sleep and give this appearance. However, I reminded her this is what it looked and felt like upon our first night. It came to us this way! We did not create this by sleeping on it. Perhaps it has gotten worse in a matter of just a few weeks? But as a matter of fact, because my husband works nights and sleeps during the day, we have both spent a few weeks sleeping in the middle of it. The middle does not seem to compress like the sides already are. In the end, we were denied a return under the warranty and told "It is a King Mattress so the compacting of wool (impressions) will be a lot more noticeable than on another sized mattress. The impressions they are experiencing are normal and will occur. They should not get much deeper as there is only 1.5” of wool quilted into the cover of the mattress. Because everything is made to order – I can assure you that this was a not a mattress that was previously slept on so impressions right of the box would not be possible." Well apparently the company is calling me a liar. All I can say is, this was our experience, right out of the box, and we have only had the mattress for a month and it is a waste of money because we are going to get something else. There is minimal latex in this thing, so 100% latex is clearly the way to go if you want support.

“What a waste”

  • Comfort
  • Support
  • Durability
  • Value
After 5 months, our $3k mattress has huge body impressions !

After 5 months, we have huge body impressions on both sides of our bed. You would think we with 500 pounds which is not case. Needless to say, we have back issues since there is no support. We have been trying to resolve with retailer for almost 7 months.. It is just aggravating ... I also found that this mattress hold heat. The sales guy did a great job on selling us on the Talaly Latex but this product is pitiful and their resolution time is terrible. ..
Sleeping on the couch

“Giant wrinkle”

  • Comfort
  • Support
  • Durability
  • Value
The mattress was quite comfortable before it developed a large wrinkle across the middle.
Apparently the wool under the cover moves around causing a large unsightly, uncomfortable wrinkle.

After 3 years of sleeping on a $300 futon, I thought I'd save & invest in a good quality mattress. After searching at several stores for "green" mattresses, I found the Natura Serene and purchased one. At first, I really liked the mattress - it was very comfortable. But during the first year it developed this large wrinkle all the way across the middle. I contacted the store & was told they couldn't do anything about it, but the guy was helpful & gave me the name & phone number of who to contact at the company. At first, the woman at Natura seemed quite helpful, asking lots of questions via email. I sent her several photos & she said she'd have to check with her boss. But after 11 emails back & forth, she suddenly said that her boss says it's normal wear & tear! Really? A giant wrinkle? In all the years I've been sleeping on mattresses I've never seen or heard of anything like this! I asked to be put in contact with her supervisor, who told me it's normal for the wool under the cover to shift around and that I could just smooth it out. Of course I'd tried to smooth it out before I contacted them. It will smooth out part way but by morning is in a lumpy wrinkle again. If this is normal, why wasn't I told that every day I was going to have to take my comforter, blanket, sheets and mattress cover off in order to adjust the lumpy wrinkle? I definitely wouldn't have purchased this product! I asked if this is a common problem & got no response. I've also asked to be put in touch with this woman's supervisor, or someone who can assist with this problem. After visiting other mattress stores & showing pictures of the mattress, I've been assured by several mattress specialists that this is NOT normal wear & tear & that the company should stand behind their product. It supposedly has a 20 year warranty & it's only a year old. When I revisited the store where I purchased it, I found out that they no longer carry Natura due to "service issues" and that I should by all means keep after Natura to do something. But what does one do when they just say "sorry" and quit communicating with you? They act like they can sell an inferior or defective product and a "sorry" will get them off the hook.

I would not, under any circumstances, purchase one of their products!

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(519) 651-2006
(888) 628-8723 (US Toll-Free)
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Cambridge, ON (Canada)
The Natural Sleep Solution

Additional Information Natura


Natura is a mattress manufacturer founded in 1994 that is based in Canada.

Editor's Note(s):

  • Natura is part of Sommex Bedding, formerly known as Rev Sleep, which also owns NexGel, ObusForme, and Sommex. Natura acquired NexGel in August 2009. Natura mattresses are available at EQ3, along with many other mattress retailers.


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