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  • Comfort: Just right
  • Support: Poor
  • Durability: Way worse
  • Pressure relief: Poor
  • Temperature: Just right



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  • Purchased in Mar 2010

This bed was recommended to us by our Chiropractor and it was wonderful for the first month or so. After that everything seemed to go wrong. The inflation mechanism malfunctioned and it was difficult to get through to Customer Service. When we finally did they promised to send new inflation device which never arrived. In the meantime the air chamber began losing air and we could not pump up because the inflation device was not working and we still did not have replacement. We could not sleep in this bed for over 2 months waiting for replacement of inflation device. When it finally came it still did not hold the air. Complained but they gave us excuses and finally refused to accept our calls.
Have thrown out this bed along with $2,700.00 and purchased a REAL mattress from a REAL manufacturer who stands behind their product. DON'T BE FOOLED BY THIS PRODUCT, IT SUCKS!!

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Overall Durability Product Quality

  • Purchased in Dec 2011

Air pump did not work from the begining. Had to wait a few days to receive new one so had no bed. Air chambers began leaking after a few months, again had to wait a long time to receive a new one so had no bed. Once again the air chamber began leaking on the other side had to wait for new one. Frame began to bend, bed began to become very comfortable and could not reach comfort even at highest setting. Really a piece of garbage that I paid a lot of money for!

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Center Support Customer Service Overall Durability Price Product Information Repairs Warranty Claims

I can not begin to tell you how disappointed I am in this bed.
We have had this bed for four years and have tried to make it work, especially after spending $3,000.00 dollars! I too, trusted our chiropractor's advice and truly wanted to believe this was going to help our neck and back issues-WRONG!
Early on, our bed developed a sink hole between air chambers. The company sent a flimsy piece of foam to act as a "shim" between chambers-did not work-had two sent with no type of instruction. Because of this, I would take the mattess cover and pull it back to try and "fluff up" the chambers. This is a huge heavy pain!
The mattress cover that encompassses the whole mattress zipper broke completely, so the guts of the mattress stick out of the sides and I am sure this is not good for the bed as a whole. Our electric mattess pad, which comes with the bed, had broken twice and under warrenty I have received replacements from that individual company, but you still have to deal with it and send it in! Not to mrntion, this bed make it sound like it is heated somehow-there is not a reference to this electric mattress pad-I thought it was misleading.

I would not recommend this bed to anyone.

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  • Purchased in Mar 2006

First off, it is really stupid to only get this mattress through a doctor or chiropractor. My chiropractor recommended the mattress to me based on someones review so I called and talked to the salesman. They base the bed on each person so they say, they take height and weight into consideration on where they are supposedly supposed to place the coils. The bed arrives with two separate air chambers so each side can make adjustments. At first the bed was great, of course my partner and I didn't sleep close so we didn't notice anything. The mattress was about 3,500 for everything, (YIKES!!!!). After my partner and I broke up and I am with someone new all hell has broken loose. The bed can't withstand any sexual activity, yes I know that is a bit brash but it is reality. My partner prefers to sleep on what used to be my side but that side has completely broken down and it is so soft compared to the other side. The air chamber failed and I had to get a new one. the middle would dip in from the sides so you always feel like you are rolling. my side is harder than hers even though they are both on 9. I have tried repeatedly to get support or help from the company but they are worthless. you can call and write all you want, they don't get back to you. We tried removing the 3 inch cheap ass foam from the middle and putting in a one inch actually cheap foam right on top of the air chambers. This indeed make ti firmer but it really hurt both our bodies and would cause us to toss and turn constantly. I have taken this thing apart countless times to either raise the center, put in new pads, replace air chambers or whatever and that is a complete pain to do. I am to the point now of purchasing a high quality memory foam topper to replace the cheap stuff they provided. This will put the mattress at well over 4,000. worth it? Hello no. Don't bother with this mattress or company at all, it isn't worth the money or the headache.

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I would not recommend this bed. It arrived with a broken motor. 1 year later the air controls broke down and now another year later the inner tube is leaking. The warranty says they repair or replace 100% however then they tell you that you have to pay shipping. $57 for a new inner tube and then we have to completely take apart the bed to remove the old one and install the new one! It is very difficult to take apart mattress. You need a lot of help and getting it back to the original way is almost impossible. Not worth the price, would definately not recommend.

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iSleep is a mattress manufacturer that is based in Lincoln, NE the United States.


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