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Recent Complaints Dormeo

  • Comfort: Just right
  • Support: Excellent
  • Durability: Same
  • Pressure relief: Excellent
  • Temperature: Just right

Overall Comfort


Customer Service
Issue Resolution

Let me say first that I would never jump straight to a scathing review without first trying to work things out with the company. However, I have tried over the course of months to resolve issues to no avail, so I think it is important that people know what they're getting into when dealing with this company.

I have never experienced such terrible service in my whole life!!! I've had two crazy incidences with this company - one that took months to resolve and another that is still in progress.

1) Getting the mattress. My mattress was delivered (or en route to be delivered) to the wrong address about 3 or 4 times over the course of months. Every time I discovered that it was headed or had arrived at yet another incorrect location, I went around and around being passed from customer service, to corporate office, to supervisors, to the delivery company, and to the someone the delivery company subcontracted with. RIDICULOUS. Eventually, the mattress got to me, but in the meantime, my husband and I had to sleep on our couch because, thinking we had a mattress on the way, we got rid of ours. A customer service supervisor did extend our risk-free trial period, and he gave us two free pillows - but this was only after months of aggravation AND me prompting him to provide me with SOME sort of compensation for my troubles.

2) Monthly payments. Like most people investing in this product, I agreed to small monthly payments over a certain period of time. These payments were to be billed to my credit card automatically - set it and forget it, right? Not when you deal with this company! I received a voicemail a couple of months ago telling me I owed the entire amount due to my payments not being fulfilled. Unbeknownst to me since I was under the impression that all was being taken care of automatically, they did not receive my last couple of payments. I would gladly have resolved this quickly had I known, but apparently, they tried to reach me by email and did not receive a response. Meanwhile, they clearly have other ways of contacting me (since I received their voicemail quite easily). Also, something must have gone wrong on their end since all of my other automatic credit card payments were going through without a hitch. So, once again, I battled with customer service, who said it was fine, I just needed to send a check for $1000+ immediately to resolve this issue. I refused to do this since the lapsed payment was not my fault. Customer service spoke with her supervisor, and I thought the issue was resolved. However, a month and a half or so later, i received a letter from their billing department saying that my account would go to collections if I did not pay the full amount. Of course, I called customer service again, and the lady tried to convince me that since my payments were going through as scheduled, that letter was just saying I "had the option to pay in full." Clearly, that's not what this warning letter said. So, I spoke with her supervisor who assured me that all was well and that I would just continue to receive monthly warning letters about collections because it is "company policy" and that I should just ignore those letters. WHAT?! It's company policy to send letters to paying customers every month warning that their account is going to collections?!?!?! The supervisor eventually conceded to put a stop to those letters, which worked for one month. Guess what I got this month though: another letter thanking me for my continued payments but saying that I owe the whole amount in full! So I called again and spoke to a manager of customer service. He promised to "look into it," and when I asked how I would know if the issue has been resolved, he said I'd know if I get another letter. Really? No offer of a courtesy call? No offer of any type of compensation for my troubles or even an apology? WOW. I guess I'll just have to wait until next month to find out if I will be arguing with the company yet again.

  • Comfort: Way too hard
  • Support: Poor
  • Durability: Way worse
  • Pressure relief: Poor
  • Temperature: Too hot



Firm Comfort
Warranty Claims

DO NOT even think about getting one of these beds. We got our bed Jan. 2013 and the trial time was near and my husband said lets just try it a little more. And so a few months later I called to see why this bed was so hard and was told it needs to break in, ok well 11 months later it still never broke in. So I called the customer service AGAIN and they said all we can do is let warranty know and they will get back with you. HA HA. What a JOKE so just kept calling back and I did get a lady who said maybe it is not right side up so to unzip it and let her know what it looked like, WELL we see the "springs" are all the same color, she said I have never had that happen and would contact warranty, well 6 or 7 calls back and over a month and later still NO results from warranty. So after another call telling them to arrange for a pick up b/c I want this out of my house and letting them know I called my CC company I get a call from "warranty" so all she can do is get back with later, I did though get a number to call her so a week later when I did call her and she was still looking into it.(WTF) So a week later when I called again the number is disconnected. This bed and it's service is a BIG jOKE . I am in the process of Gatling to the BBB and the Attorney General BEWARE of this bed.

  • Comfort: Just right
  • Support: Poor
  • Durability: Way worse
  • Pressure relief: Good
  • Temperature: Just right

Allergen Resistance
Initial Comfort
Temperature Control


Surface Integrity
Warranty Claims
Warranty Terms

Dormeo does not stand behind its product, and they don't care about their customers.

My husband and I purchased an Octaspring in April of 2013.

Just after the 90-day warranty ran out, my husband and I started waking up with backaches. Thanks, Murphy's Law!

We went back to Sit 'n Sleep, where we purchased it and they told us we needed to schedule a mattress inspection. We did. When the inspector - from a third-party company - came out, even HE was surprised at the visible wear in a 3.5-month-old mattress. He suggested we turn the mattress, head-to-foot. I informed him that we had just a week prior. He said he'd never seen wear this significant. Please note that I weigh 150 pounds, and my husband weighs 170, so we aren't large people.

We had a Tempur-Pedic for 13 years before it wore out, and it never showed any visual signs of wear.

One business day after the mattress inspection, I called Sit 'n Sleep for a determination. I was told that Dormeo had denied our request for replacement. This is not good. My husband and I are not getting decent sleep, and we are owners of a very successful, if not stressful, business. Good sleep is essential to us!

So, I had to go buy a new mattress, which will be delivered today, August 15, 2013. It is a traditional spring mattress; you know, proven technology. Meanwhile, I'm still paying off the Octaspring (I had to finance it because our mattress, fridge, garage door and garbage disposal all went out at the same time our main line backed up in April - happy birthday to me!).

I plan to sue. I've never sued anyone, but I am angry!!!

I will post photos soon and link them in a reply to this posting (if applicable) so you can all see for yourselves. Also, you may see similar postings from me on other websites. I want to get the word out about how terrible Dormeo treats its customers.

Good luck on the mattress search, just don't get sucked into this "innovative technology."

Official Response

By Olivia Rodriguez from Dormeo Octaspring on October 22, 2013

Hi, Olivia Rodriguez from Dormeo Octaspring headquarters again :) I want to ensure everyone that we as a company take all complaints and inquires very seriously. We try our utmost to resolve any issues we learn about. We also like to be very informative about our products to ensure we match the right one to our customers' needs. If ever in doubt or you have any questions, I can be reached directly at (855) 436-7636, attention Oliva Rodriguez I would be more than happy to help with any issues, concerns, or questions.

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Support Core:
Price Range:
Luxury ($2,500-$4,000)


(448) 443-300473
(855) 436-7636 (US Toll-Free)
(855) 436-7636 (Canada Toll-Free)
Dormeo website


Bourne End, Bucks (United Kingdom)
Cools, comforts, cradles. Sleep is Beautiful.

Additional Information Dormeo


Dormeo is a mattress manufacturer founded in 2002 that is based in the United Kingdom.


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