I am intrigued by the MyErgoBed product (www.myergobed.com). It has a number of features that appeal to me, and it seems to be very sophisticated. However, I can't find any reviews or feedback on this bed anywhere. Does anyone out there have any first-hand experiences to share about this bed?

asked Jan 18 '13

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I purchased a ERGO bed direct about 8 months ago now. A little about me. I have had surgery on my lumbar in my back twice now. I had an injury 6 years ago that up until I purchased this bed I simply was sleeping in a rocking chair. Due to my back issues I now have a Nero-Stimulator implanted in my body so I can overcome the pain from my injury. I am 40 years old just for the record.
Since getting the bed I sleep thru the night every night. I love this bed and I will never ever own anything different. My wife used to complain of her hips hurting or being sore when she woke up. Well no more

I will add that it takes about 6 weeks of very minor adjustments to find your setting. I too did spend 2 nights at a Hilton Garden Inn and too was unsure. It was better than what I was sleeping on at home but wasn't sure about spending the $. After many months of researching try to find a company that will give you 90 days to sleep on a mattress and if you don't like it return your $. Yes some will exchange it for a different one, but what happens when the exchanged mattress doesn't fit the bill. Your going to be stuck with it. I would strongly urge you to give it a try. In my opinion it is well with the money and likely the last bed I will ever have to buy

Jeff Bennett Bonney Lake Wa


answered Aug 27 '13

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After reading the comments on the threads above I was very concerned after purchasing the ErgoBed. Let me assure you that my experience was totally different. My bed was delivered after ordering it in approximately 2 weeks by Old Dominion freight. The driver was very careful with the delivery and my box was in great shape. After opening the box I moved the mattress to my bed on a secure platform that I had built. I read the instructions and set the dials to the recommended setting. The bed looked to be constructed very well and the packaging was in great shape. The package was removed and I placed sheets on the bed. I was very satisfied with the condition of the workmanship after inspecting the bed. After sleeping in the bed the first night I woke up amazed with no back pain. My old mattress was 15 years old and was probably the greatest cause of my pain. I have slept on the bed approximately 20 nights now and have had the same amazing night sleep each and every night. I had gone to a local mattress store and had tried many of the mattresses on display and the ErgoBed is definitely the best I have found. My concern and skepticism are gone unless there is a catastrophic event they will have to pry the bed from my possession. I plan on investigating the cooling pad and sheets from the site also. Let me assure you I have no affiliation with the company or the freight service and can definitely recommend my experience to others.

Bill S Coatesville, PA


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Hi Folks,

Life is amazing.

First, the comparison video says some people need 4, 5 or 6 weeks to reap the benefits of the mattress. www.myergobed.com/comparison

It took me 2 weeks, not 2 days-- to get my bed adjusted to where my pain was gone.

It is a man made product. It will have some imperfections occasionally. But, it is in 40 something countries in specialty hospitals and nursing homes around the world being used 24/7.

It is built to last.

It is in the Hilton Garden Inns all around the world...being used by different people every day. The mattress obviously doesn't develop a leak very often. Sometimes a rough freight delivery might cause an issue tho.

But the first 10 years of the warranty covers defects. The second 10 years it is prorated coverage.

There are clinical and scientific studies touting the benefits of the mattress.

BBB has A Plus rating.

I am truly sorry everyone can not fully enjoy the benefits of the mattress as I do. After you give it a good test run...at least 30 days,,,return it if you don't like it.. You get all your money back...100% and you don't pay shipping or restocking or whatever others charge. In writing.

Save the box it came in until you know you will keep it.

Yes, I work here....I own a mattress.. and I got my mother one too. try us...you'll like us.

Both my mother and myself love the mattress.



answered May 16 '13

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I have to agree. I have had mine for five years dyer having two back surguies. My wife and I love ours. It has been an exceptional bed. You can't sleep on it for one ortwo nights and make a decision.

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we bought our bed bout 6 weeks ago. we love it!! we sleep(together again!) at night...and wake up with no aches and pains. even my elbows aren't sore and my husband's fingers aren't swollen. amazing what a good nights sleep will do for a person!! it took only ONE night to find out this was for us! all my other aches and pains are gone, too. give it a try and you'll be glad you did. :-)

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Have you folks searched reviews fro ALL the other mattresses?

There are what? 4 or so here....there are 100's of thousands of these mattresses around the world.

If you don't love it...get 100% refund with no shipping or restocking fees...zilch.

It is the only FDA registered mattress technology that is also clinically proven to eliminate pressure.

It adjusts to each persons body.

Pressure destroys sleep cycles.

Listens to others and lose the best sleep you can get....or try and decide for yourself.

If you took 100 humans and offered all of them $5.....somebody would decline and complain.

God Bless



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Since posting my original message, I was able to try out the MyErgoBed product for a night. It turns out that this product is placed in all Hilton Garden Inn hotels feature this mattress under the "Garden Sleep System" moniker. So, my wife and I checked in for a night.

Neither of us liked the bed. It somehow managed to feel flimsy and too hard at the same time. The mattress had a lot of "movement" to it--kind of like a really old brass bed. We both started out on the "Medium" setting, then went as soft as possible and still it was too hard. I woke up several times with a soar shoulder.

The experiment was a dud, but at least I learned it's not the right mattress for us.


answered Mar 21 '13

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Dagan H from Tulsa, OK

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Hi Dagan -- Unfortunately we don't currently have any reviews of this bed, but hopefully some folks will chime in that have some experience with it. In the meantime, it may help you to know that one of the beds sold by MyErgoBed is the "SAT Bed" by Natural Form.


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Good to know. You have to wonder about a product line that has to change its brand name from time to time...

Natural Form SAT reviews are all over the board, from "worst" to "best" product ever. Hardly confidence inspiring, especially for a premium price.

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Dagan, I work for the company that manufactures the mattress you are referring to. It is called Natural Form Sleep Systems. If you want to learn more about our mattresses, i would encourage you to visit our website, www.naturalform.com. My Ergo Bed is a seller of our mattress, but we do sell factory direct. We do honor our warranty and our 90 night in-home sleep trial. We offer free return shipping within that 90 nights, if a customer chooses to return the product. The customer is responsible for placing their products in a box and writing an RMA# along with their last name on the outside of the box. This is why we encourage our customers to keep their boxes throughout the sleep trial. Many simply place their old mattress in the box and store it until they decide to keep, or slide it under their bed, so that it is out of the way. The freight company contacts the customer in advance to arrange a day and time to pick up the product. I hope you will visit our website and feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Sincerely, Patti Ellis- Customer Service Representative Natural Form Sleep Systems www.naturalform.com patti@naturalform.com (800) 432 3842


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If only it were as simple as "checking your website"... of course I did this, and of course it told me all of the reasons I should buy this bed and gave me no reasons why I shouldn't. That's why I turned to this forum... for unconflicted advice. I think that and my "test drive" told me everything I need to know.

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I'm so sorry you had to go through this after paying almost 3 grand...outrageous! I purchased the same mattress in March and wanted to return it after 2 nights. I paid over two thousand and they wanted over $500 to return it. I called American Express and explained that I would be paying the company over $800 ($300 for delivery and $550 for the return) and have nothing in return. Without question, they put in a dispute. The entire amount I paid was refunded to me, and I am extremely grateful. Since I purchased another mattress, the MyErgo mattress has been standing against a wall in my dining room. After Amex credited my account for the full amount, I called Natural Form to ask if they were going to pick up the mattress or did they want me to discard it. The answer was, "Discard it."
How does this company stay in business????????????? Marie M, New York


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Yes, I'm wondering the same thing. I'm thinking they may not be in business much longer with such business practices. Lucky you for being a lot smarter than me. I love American Express!


answered May 02 '13

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Um - I paid three thousand dollars, when the product failed to perform as promised I was told there is no customer service or backing for this product other than action items and trouble-shooting put on the customer. Rebuilding a king size bed is not on my list of favorite weekend activities, especially after shelling out 3k. I think there is enough margin built in that price point to offer some professional assistance when needed. You are implying that some people just like to complain which is definitely not the case, I have been more than reasonable.
By the way I stayed at a Hilton Garden Hotel last month - the bed was not a Natural Form. Maybe there is a hospital or nursing home the public can test-drive the product before purchasing.


answered Aug 11 '13

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