My husband bought a split king bed and loves it. However, keeping it shoved together is an issue when you want to meet in the middle!! Does anyone have a solution for this?

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Kim E from Seymour, MO

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The bed is the split king top mattress and base adjustable. I'm wondering if I couldn't just use Velcro to stick the base and top mattress together in place!

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Hi Kim, Bed Bath & Beyond has what you want at about $15.00


answered Feb 24

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Peter Cancelli ♦

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Kim, you can always try some straps up at the head and foot as long as it not an adjustable base on each side.


answered Feb 24

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Jeff Saunders ♦

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Depending on the brand of the adjustable foundation, I know of at least one manufacturer that offers "straps" to solve just that problem. Check with your retailer, or the manufacturer's web site, or there should be a customer service phone number in the adjustable base's owner's manual to their customer service.

If the base isn't the issue, you might try something to keep the mattresses from sliding on the base, I have heard that Rubbermaid drawer rubber, a thin rubber piece, normally designed for kitchen drawers, might work.

Hope that helps.

Sleep Well!


answered Feb 24

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Tom Heller ♦

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Hi Kim,

If the mattresses are sliding on the adjustable bases and coming apart, try some abbrasive shelf liner from Lowes or Home Depot. That will keep the matts from sliding across the base. If the bases are moving themselves, then you'll need to talk to the place your husband shopped at to see if there are straps or locking mechanism for the bases.


answered Feb 25

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Andrew Schle... ♦

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